What Patients Are Saying

We love our patients.

From the stellar ratings posted with kind comments on our social media pages to the thoughtful notes delivered by patients and tacked to our office bulletin board, the positive responses we receive point to a high level of patient satisfaction.

We are honored by these words of affirmation and our patients’ display of confidence. We work hard to exceed the standards of excellence that the healthcare industry expects and our patients deserve.

We invite you to share your feedback here.

Please do not share personal information in your comments. Your private health information will not be secure if posted on this site.

Here’s some of the warm feedback we’ve received. It underscores our commitment to the best customer service in the delivery of patient care.

Thanks for taking such great care of my father!
– Rex Walhelm, NASA astronaut

For all the good service and good people, you make a lot of difference. Thank you for everything.
– Rudy

I am very grateful for all of you. Thanks from Don and me. You are always there for us, seeing to our every need. Cupcakes aren’t enough, but I know I enjoy baking for you.
– Barbara

Thank you for choosing me as a recipient of your scholarship. It will cover a great deal of the cost for my education at COS and I am very appreciative.
– Aaron

Thanks to Dr. Raman Verma and staff for helping me get through this difficult time of pain.
– Veena

This is just a note of thanks for all of the special care, consideration and professional services that you provide to my mom, Donna. I appreciate it very much. It is so nice to see that there are doctors and their staff that still treat patients with kindness and dignity.
– Steve & Debbie

Dear friends, just a small token to say thank you for the care you have provided to us both. You have made a great difference in our lives.
– Leon & Tami

Thanks for taking such good care and time with us. We appreciate all of you!
– J & Carolyn

On behalf of DJ and myself, thank you for caring for Lety over these many years. You made her comfortable and you were her favorite physician. We greatly appreciate all of your hospitality.
– David & DJ

I really appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond with patient care. It’s that kind of compassion and dedication that will help Kaweah Delta grow to its full potential.
– Edward A. Hirsch, M.D., VP, Chief Medical Officer & Chief Quality Officer, Kaweah Delta Health Care District
Kaweah Care Recognition Letter

Congratulations on being recognized for your care and fine work!
– Deborah Volosin, Events Coordinator, Kaweah Delta Hospital Foundation
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